FastAid Birmingham and Solihull

"Fully Funded by the public, Operated by volunteers." Serving Birmingham and Solihull since 2005

Registered Charity 1117114

Who are we?

FastAid has over fifty volunteers and five response vehicles supporting West Midlands Ambulance Service and our Communities.

Our Community First Responders (CFR's) Volunteer their time to support West Midlands Ambulance Service for, on average; 20 hours a month.

Amongst the FastAid volunteers are nurses, paramedics and ambulance technicians as well as highly trained volunteers from all backgrounds and ages.

In 2016 FastAid was awarded the Queen's Award for voluntary service, the MBE for voluntary groups

Our team can also volunteer to be a part of the Good Samaritan network. Good Samaritan is a nationwide system whereby trained responders can be alerted to a cardiac arrest within a set distance. When activated by 999 dispatchers from West Midlands Ambulance Service, the responders can go and start lifesaving CPR to a patient in cardiac arrest. The responders are alerted via their phones to an incident and will often drop what they are doing and give aid - Don’t be alarmed if someone runs up stating they are from the ambulance service in normal clothing - they are there to help!