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Funded by the public, operated by volunteers

Serving Solihull & Birmingham since 2005

Registered Charity 1117114

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Who are we?

At FastAid, we are more than just an organisation; we are a beacon of hope in times of crisis. Founded in 2005, FastAid began as a commitment to serve and has grown into a vital part of the emergency response in the West Midlands.

Our Mission is to provide immediate medical care during critical moments, supporting the West Midlands Ambulance Service and nurturing the health and safety of our communities.

Our team consists of more than fifty dedicated volunteers, including highly trained individuals from all walks of life. We are proud to have a training team that includes paramedics and nurses who are prepared to assist with further continues professional development (CPD).

On average, each volunteer dedicates 20 hours a month serving their community.

In partnership with the West Midlands Ambulance Service, our volunteers achieve a Level 3 qualification in emergency care, equipping them with the skills to handle life-threatening situations with expertise and compassion.

From attending cardiac arrests to providing essential first Aid, our volunteers have been instrumental in countless life-saving interventions. Their quick actions and the use of defibrillators have given many individuals a second chance at life.

As a volunteer-run organisation, FastAid relies on the kindness of public donations to maintain our response vehicles and continue our mission. Every contribution helps us stay on the road, ready to save lives.

We invite you to be part of our journey. Whether you contribute as a Friend of FastAid, a Community First Responder (CFR), through donations, or by helping share our organisation with friends and family, your participation is vital in changing the lives of those we help.

Award Winners

In 2016, FastAid Birmingham and Solihull received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service - an honour often considered the MBE for volunteer groups. Bestowed directly by HRH Queen Elizabeth II, this recognition celebrates the exceptional impact FastAid has within the community. The award’s legacy encourages continued excellence, reinforcing the vital role of volunteerism in saving lives. 

Good Samaritans

Our team is also able to volunteer for the GoodSAM network. GoodSAM is a national alert system for trained responders to nearby Category 1 emergencies. Activated by 999 dispatchers from the West Midlands Ambulance Service, these responders can promptly provide lifesaving care, such as CPR when required. They get alerts on their phones and may interrupt their current activities to assist. If an individual in plain clothes approaches to help, rest assured, they are there to support you. Responders will always introduce themselves and provide reassurance.

Imagine you're on a call with 999, and almost immediately, a Good Samaritan is there, poised to lend their expertise and assistance. This exemplifies the GoodSAM network in action, demonstrating the strength of community and technology. When you dial 999, the GoodSAM app swiftly alerts first responders associated with the West Midlands Ambulance Service. They stand ready to provide crucial aid until professional help arrives. These responders, connected through the GoodSAM network, might be in the midst of their daily activities, yet they are ready to drop everything to offer emergency assistance while the ambulance is en route.

"When I dialled 999, it was only a matter of minutes before two people arrived, dressed in plain clothes. They identified themselves as GoodSams from the ambulance service and immediately began aiding my partner. Having two knowledgeable people take charge during such a critical time was immensely comforting. They not only provided reassurance but also remained with us throughout. Both said they were volunteer community first responders who lived on the same road as me, they received an alert through their phones and came to see if they could offer assistance. It’s truly remarkable to witness people drop everything to assist others in their most distressing times.”

- Jodie

Partner of a patient