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CPR & AED Training

Be a life-saver and learn or brush up on CPR skills today!

We are passionate about Public Access Defibrillators and teaching Emergency Life Support; Simple skills do save lives!


This is a bespoke West Midlands Ambulance Service course, aimed at increasing key life-saving skills in the community, and is available for free, to any size group up to a max of around 30.  Skills are taught in a practical way with plenty of hands-on practice.

We welcome donations for these courses but they are FREE to attend.

Please CONTACT US for more details.

FastAid volunteers also look after defibrillators in public places (CPADs). We can assist you in all aspects of setting up a CPAD, and can help with local training in how to safely use a defibrillator.

If your business is looking to host an AED for public use please get in touch to see how we can help.


FastAid can provide fully insured First Aid Event cover for smaller, community, not-for-profit and

charitable organisations in and around Birmingham and across the Solihull Borough.

We can provide a cycle response team, first aid point and a friendly face for anyone that requires help at your event. 

We do this as a means of raising funds to support our Charitable Purposes. These are to "Provide the relief of injury, sickness and the preservation of good health to persons in Birmingham, Solihull and surrounding areas by providing trained and equipped volunteers to attend emergencies, as directed by West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Provide training and education to further the object and engage with the local community in health promotion activities."

The team that provides cover at community events hold a level 3 pre-hospital care qualification as a minimum. All events are carefully risk assessed and evaluated using HSE guidelines.

We do not set fees however we do ask for a generous donation.

Please GET IN TOUCH to find out how we can help at your event.