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About FastAid

Lifesavers charity FastAid is a Community First Responder (CFR) group covering all Solihull borough and Birmingham wards. Established in 2005, we provide an extra resource to the Ambulance Service, with a local dimension. All CFRs are volunteers, trained to a nationally recognised standard and despatched to 999 emergency calls by West Midlands Ambulance Service, when they are the closest resource, along with an ambulance as soon as one is available. Being ‘local’, our CFRs are often first on scene and can quickly start lifesaving treatment, begin clinical care and provide reassurance to patients and relatives before an ambulance arrives. In life threatening emergencies, the time saved can be critical. Annually our CFRs attend more than two thousand emergency 999 calls and are first on scene in over 90% of those!

“FastAid is a group of incredibly dedicated volunteers who give their time freely to serve the communities where they live and work. They are there for everyone, often at a time of greatest need. They do make a real difference and they do save lives. What better gift can there be but the gift of life? FastAid is the only CFR group based in Solihull & Birmingham which is supported by West Midlands Ambulance Service because they excel in the support they give us."

- Andy Jeynes,

Community Response Manager,

West Midlands Ambulance Service


"The reason I became a CFR was to give something back to those that need it. I've been very lucky to have not needed to call for an ambulance but know people have. Having met paramedics and Technicians that have been so sympathetic and helpful made me wasn't to do something similar. I felt I was to old to join the ambulance service as one of these but this role enables me to assist them in what is an incredible job they do"

- John

 Solihull, Community First Responder


“After retiring, I sought ways to fill my newfound spare time. Witnessing two Community First Responders arrive to assist my ill Father-in-Law sparked an idea. I joined FastAid and completed the West Midlands Ambulance Training Course for CFRs. Now, equipped with lifesaving gear, I respond to emergencies in our community.  Last year alone, I responded to 377 emergency calls, including 15 cardiac arrests. From comforting a 103-year-old to witnessing the birth of babies, I’ve seen it all. Being local and in the community it allows us to start lifesaving treatment, provide clinical care, and reassure patients and their families before the ambulance arrives. In 90% of calls i get, I’m the first on the scene."

 - Terry 

Dorridge, Community First Responder


"Becoming a CFR has always intrigued me. It all started when I witnessed two people in boiler suits come to aid an injured customer. They calmly explained that they were volunteers, ready to assist while waiting for an ambulance. That moment inspired me in to giving back and be an integral part of our community. Being a CFR carries immense responsibility. It’s more than just going out and saving lives, it’s about being there during critical moments, comforting a worried relative or offering support, every interaction matters. No two shifts are alike, I could be at home watching TV one moment and then responding to an emergency via my GOODSAM app the next. Responding gives me a sense of pride, knowing I can offer help when needed is immeasurable."

- Nick

Sheldon, Community First Responder